About Us

From London to Kleinhennersdorf …

We sought tranquillity and beauty and we found it. How did we get here? As you did … through the internet. We fell in love with the landscape, the peace and promise of the area, the Saxon Switzerland National Park, its stunning sandstone formations and its wildlife. The woods about us are home to the Wolf and the European Lynx at the top of the food chain, the Red Kites, Kestrel and Buzzard overhead. The proximity of Gohrisch to Dresden and Prague makes a visit to Saxon Switzerland all the more inviting, a motorway between the two cities running close enough for convenience but far enough away not to notice it.

We searched for a property with potential to be converted into our dream home and converted a barn into just that. The part of it that served as stables now includes a large living and dining room with an open fire for guests – and uninterrupted views onto the National Park of Saxon Switzerland.

We lovingly restored and renovated the building, paying close attention to detail. We drew on inspiration harvested over many years of travelling in both professional and personal capacities. Having stayed in hotels the world over and found many of them lacking in personal touches that lend a homely feel to a place, we settled on making the Haus of Lords a haven from home for our guests. We want you to have the best of experience possible during one of the most precious times in any year: holidays.


Claudia & Craig Lord.

Questions, requests or suggestions?

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